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Compare EPOS Tills & Cash Registers

Most merchants and vendors will be familiar with the concept of epos till and a cash register. Generally, this hardware is been used to take cash payments in a retail or hospitality environment. More sophisticated cash drawers will add purchases and let the staff know the amount of change to give to the customer and other important features.

Now a days tills are part of a complete EPOS package and these integrated EPOS tills can perform a wide range of functions. It can also include syncing up with a card reader or PDQ machine and accessing to cloud systems to sync with tills in remote areas and also other back office features like stock control.

Cash Till Registers, Hybrid or EPOS?

For businesses who are looking for a processing route to meet the needs of their trading objective, there are three basic solutions available:

  1. Basic electronic cash register
  2. Hybrid point of sale system
  3. Full EPOS bundle

A standard cash register will offer functions include totalling of sales and addition of any area taxes, with the ability to display sales by department. In standard epos there will be no access to stock control, CRM, barcode scanning or sales analysis or reporting.

Top end ECR (electronic cash register) or Hybrid EPOS system will have extra features which include touchscreen operation, full barcode scanning functionality, sales tracking to an item and more comprehensive level of reporting.

An EPOS system offers the business a feature rich options such as barcode scanning, stock control, CRM, sales forecasting and detail reporting and analysis for n end to end processing solution.

Choosing A Till System

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current till system or starting a new business, the wide range of cash drawers and tills available for sale can make it hard to know which product is right for your business needs. It is important to pick one which can offer the most features for your business, whilst still fit in your budget.

Key Points to Consider

  1. Size and Structure of your Business
  2. In case if you are having a small business with few employees, low customer volume and predominantly cash transactions, a single cash register for your till system may be can be enough for your business requirements.

    If you have a higher customer turnover, you need to look at a simple EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system, consisting of a network of a network of several electronic cash registers and back office integration.

  3. Receiving Payments for your Business
  4. If your business deal with payments daily by credit or debit card, it is highly recommened that you purchase an EPOS till system with a integrated with payment system to lessen the opportunity for human error or fraud inherent in a stand alone card terminal.

    If your business consistently makes online sales, it is important that you pick a sophisticated EPOS system which can connect with your website page in order to monitor sales.

  5. Sector Specific Requirements
  6. Many EPOS till systems are available from retailers as a bundle, including both hardware and software tailored to a specific industry sector. For example, most of them come with barcode scanners for retail premises, or scratch resistent touchscreens for bars and restaurants.

  7. Optional Extras and Integration
  8. In addition safe storage for your takings, many EPOS systems offer a raft of additional features that can help you to remain in control of your business. Most mid-range EPOS systems offer a few additional items, like stock control and sales review options. These are incredibly useful in any busy retail environment.

    If you want to integrate your EPOS system with other business systems, including your business accounts or back office hardware, at that point you will require a higher end EPOS system. If you have multiple retail outlets or make sales from multiple locations, you may wish to consider an EPOS system with cloud computing abilities.

Which Till System Is Right For Me?

Finding the right till system and choosing whether you need a standard till, a hybrid till or an EPOS system that depends on the sector your business is in.

Next Steps

Now-a-days, a till is rarely simply a till system can offer your business. In any case, which solution is best for your business will be largely dependent on the way in which that your business works.

Make sure you take time to look at the other features that will be most useful for doing your business an remember an EPOS system is an investment. A small amount of time spent researching and choosing your new till system will pay profits for your business regarding improved customer flow and long term profitabiltiy.