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EPOS Systems

Now payments methods have become more advanced, businesses need to get rid of old cash registers, but what is the alternative? EPOS systems present retailers, restaurateurs and business owners with smart solutions to stay with the technology in the hands of their customers.

You can think EPOS systems as like shrewd tills. In addition to faster transactions but also consistent, they can also collect data on each and every sale and payment, and sync it to a cloud-based office suite. Having a cloud-based EPOS, you know exactly what's going on in your business, from any part of the world.

EPOS Hardware and Software

EPOS hardware typically consists of a screen (computer), a cash drawer, and a card reader. Depending on the type of your business, you can also use smart barcode scanner or a receipt printer, which are essential for a business. You may also choose to use remote hardware if your business operates on the move or you can also give your employees hand-held devices.

EPOS software is the program you use to run your store, cafe, or restaurant. If you have a computer you want to use, you can download EPOS software and use with your current hardware, or you can also purchase a new system. The key is to use a vendor that allow your EPOS to work offline. That way, if your Wi-Fi disconnects, you won't lose your transaction data.

What's data got to do with it?

Thanks to the smartphone revolution and the rise of cloud computing, we're presently making more data than ever before. This is good news for small businesses, as data analytics have become cheap and accessible. Therefore, cafe, restaurant, and retailers can now gain insight into each aspect of their business. This allows business owners to improve their margins and tailor the purchasing experience to the customer.

In any case, businessses need a system to collect, store, and translate data so they can turn it into action. They also like to sync the data they collect, with their existing accounting software to lighten the load of back office desk paperwork. This is where EPOS systems come in.

You can store and access data from all areas of your business in real time with the help of an epos system. If you run a restaurant, it means automatic updates from the kitchen staff about menu items, as well as a quick ticketing system that implies you'll never miss an order again. If you own a retail store, an EPOS system will monitor all your stock and help you process orders.

EPOS systems aren't simply tills they possess many features to help your business to run smoothly and keep cash flowing.

What Other Things You Can Do With EPOS System For?

EPOS systems can be used to manage practically for all areas of your business. This is the same, whether you're running a small city bar or a retail franchise. How ever, by far the best answer for most modern businesses is proving to be the POS system, more flexible and portable, regardless of the needs of your business.

Since computers are getting small and portable, it makes sense to put resources in hardware that your business won't grow out of. Majority of people are familiar with Apple products, and POS system is intutive and simple to use for people of all levels.

The advantages of using an POS system include:

Customer Record Management

EPOS systems have customer record management capacities that can tie purchases to individual customers. Therefore, you'll have records on who your best customers are and what they buy in the palm of your hand. If you have authorization to send your customer emails, you can use the data stored on your EPOS to send promotions and marketing materials, either on a small or large scale.

EPOS systems sync with other softwares like MailChimp, which automates email marketing and makes the entire process quicker and more accurate.

Streamlined Services

The average UK customer will queue for just six minutes, so it is hard to make a good impression. An POS system allows you to accept multiple payments with seamlessly fast service, thus reducing wait times and keeping customers happy. In addition, with a handheld POS, there's no need for staff to pop to the kitchen for checking the availability of a menu item or leave the shop floor to go to the stock room. Staff can respond to customer questions quickly and effectively, freeing them up to deal with several enquiries at once.


Your business needs to develop, and fortunately POS solutions are the perfect companions to help you boost sales. As your business grows, you may require more EPOS systems so your staff can meet the needs of your customers. Fortunately, POS systems are affordable, and they contain all the tools you need to grow your business.


Lastly, one of the basic reasons companies leave business in the UK is down to poor cash flow management. POS system is less expensive but offers all the functionality of a touch screen terminal, exactly at a cheaper price. The affordabiltiy of the system allows for a quick return of your investment, fuelling further growth.

Choosing an EPOS solution for your business

Choosing from the raft on the EPOS market can be precarious. However, finding the right technology is fundamental to supporting your business growth.

POS systems will provide all the insight and usability of a POS system, with the ability to scale your business flexibily.